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Do you need door hangers for your spa business? You can actually source them out from door hanger printing stores or you can do it yourself. You may also let your staff do it with your supervisions because it is actually easy to do. And you do not really need a lot of door hangers on your spa.

The door hanger that you would really need is one with the words “Vacant” and “Occupied” written on them. This is placed on the door to the massage room and it is the spa therapist that turns this sign around. Whenever she is treating a client Bernardo Silva Shirt , she will make the side with the word “Occupied” face front. When they are done with the service and the guest leaves the massage room, the therapist flips the sign to make it read “Vacant.”

You would need this system because some people inadvertently open doors of other people’s cubicles. They wander aimlessly looking for their room especially if the spa is dimly lit and they wonder if that is already their room. But if the word “Occupied” is turned up, for sure they will not enter the wrong door and find another client in an undignified state. You have to remember Leroy Sane Shirt , spa clients are down to their underwear when their therapists start the massage. So you would not want people to intrude on that scene. And spas could not lock their doors because it is against operating procedures imposed by the state so they could just at least put up a notice on the door that the room is occupied using these door hangers.

This door hanger is easily done even when using Microsoft Word. First open a new or blank document. The default document is a short size with portrait orientation. Adjust the margins then divide the page into two columns. In the first column, draw a circle 3 inches in diameter at the topmost portion. That will be for the door knob. Write the word “Vacant” in the middle portion in big, bold letters. You may want to put a colored background or you may leave it blank. That would make your door hangers predominantly white because of the material. But it does not really matter because of the dim lights in the spa interiors. In the bottom portion Fabian Delph Shirt , you can put a small logo of your spa.

Do this on the column but instead write the word “Occupied.” If you are already happy with your layout, print it on a short size stock card. In order to print the back portion, just flip the paper that you have already printed on. That will print back to back. Just make sure that you insert the top portion first. Print only one copy and if you are already satisfied with it Kevin De Bruyne Shirt , you can proceed to printing the number of copies that you need.

Use a cutting knife to separate the two door hangers printed in one sheet. Using a circle cutter, cut out the circle shape that you have made earlier in the layout of your custom door hangers. And voila, you have already successfully done your door hanger printing. It sounds simple because it really is. It may take some time getting used to Eliaquim Mangala Shirt , but if your assistant has already been using the computer and printer, they would know what to do.

Yacht Charter 鈥?Ready for an Unforgettable Vacation
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One of the unique options that it offers you are either to choose the bareboat option or with the crew. Under bareboat option, you can rent a boat for your family and friends and have to skipper it by yourself. On the other hand Aymeric Laporte Shirt , under crew option you can find a team of crews at your service, which may include a captain, chef Sergio Aguero Shirt , engineers, stewardesses, mates Ilkay Gundogan Shirt , and so forth.

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