Common Problems in Household Product Mould

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Common Problems in Household Product Mould

This type of failure occurs in many Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD)
, showing an area that is usually close to the door, which has an uneven lining appearance. It may be reminiscent of a groove on a phonograph record, or it may appear to appear as an irregular line pattern, roughly a semicircle around the door.

The reason for unfolding the mark is that the pressurization of the last part of the household product mould is slow. As the back pressure in the household product mould increases, the rate at which the material flows through the gate decreases, and the molten plastic does not have a sufficiently low viscosity to provide good consistency of the mold surface.

In order to overcome this drawback, it is important to quickly fill the mold of the household product at one time. If the machine runs out of power before the filling is complete, the last material can only enter the household product mould at a very slow rate. The pressure in the hydraulic system will gradually increase and will be transferred to the material entering the mold of the household product for further pressurization.

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