Detailed Inspection of Rice Polisher Equipment

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Detailed Inspection of Rice Polisher Equipment

The safe production of Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)
 equipment is the first priority, which requires operators to perform maintenance and repair work on rice polisher equipment every day. Inspection and maintenance work has always been an important issue in processing and production. Doing maintenance and repair work can prevent the occurrence of failures, reduce maintenance costs, improve production efficiency and extend the service life of equipment.

In general, the detailed inspection of rice polisher equipment mainly includes the following aspects:

Inspection of the condition of rice polisher equipment, including regular large-scale inspection and maintenance, that is, regular replacement of equipment parts or repairs. Condition monitoring of rice polisher equipment when it is shut down and inspection of critical equipment. Check the transmission parts of the equipment, the safety protection parts, the support points of the equipment and the connection parts of the power supply to ensure that the rice polisher equipment is operating normally.

In addition, the actual production situation and trends of rice polisher equipment should be well understood. This can reduce the number of unnecessary preventive maintenance of rice polisher equipment, and can also prevent the possibility of failure before the possibility of occurrence of extremely serious faults is very obvious.

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