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Exchange Migration to office 365

EdbMails Exchange Migration takes the most critical part of a server migration or Exchange upgrade moving of user’s mailboxes as well as public folders off your back. EdbMails automatically performs a direct migration of the mailboxes you selected on the source and mapped to target server. This application supports almost all the versions of exchange server and office 365. EdbMails exchange migration tool is the best option for reliable and risk-free Exchange Migration to Office 365 .

Exchange Migration

You can also migrate to recent versions of exchange server from older versions. It is trusted by millions of exchange administrators across the globe because of its proven track record in delivering efficient results. This application supports all languages, therefore Language is never a barrier for EdbMails. It comes with built in support for Non-English Unicode characters and you can rest assured knowing that it can migrate exchange irrespective of the language and is also capable of working with and migrating most types of special characters. Users can download the free trial version to test and review the efficiency of the software before purchase.

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