Factory unlocked iPhone 4 for less than $600 and other scams

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Factory unlocked iPhone 4 for less than $600 and other scams

We've been getting a lot of people on Harilo who've been looking to buy factory unlocked iPhone 4s for cheap.  And there are many sites on the internet that will sell them.  Brand new, factory unlocked, in any color you want and any price you want.  Like this site http://www.apple4saleonline.net

Unfortunately, these sites are all scams.  While Harilo will purchase items on your behalf from any site you want and we try our best to steer our users away from obvious scams, please do your research before you plop $500 for an iPhone 4 in white and other such nonsense.  If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Nepalis shoppers are suckers for a good deal it seems no matter how sketchy a seller is and unfortunately we now have data to prove that the stereotype is true - Nepalis really are very gullible.  Maybe it's because the concept of online shopping is new to so many of us.  But I'd hate for our customers on Harilo to find out the hard way how to shop smart.  We haven't had any instances of people getting scammed yet (thank god for that) on Harilo so lets all work together to keep it that way.  If you're not sure if something is a scam or not, please post the link below and we will try our best to let you know if it's real or not.

Happy (and safe) shopping to all!  I for one will be buying the new macbook air, and no, I'm not going to buy it from eBay for $600 but will be buying it from the horse's mouth for $999 like it's supposed to cost.