How do controllers and thermostats

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How do controllers and thermostats

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How are systems for individual room control composed?

Individual room systems usually consist of a central unit (controller), a room thermostat or digital radiator thermostats (valve controller). While room thermostats are often used to regulate underfloor or ceiling heating [url=]Solomon Thomas Jersey[/url] , electronic valve regulators are suitable for temperature settings directly on the radiator. Individual room systems offer the advantage of a comfortable temperature that is adapted to your own requirements. This not only increases living comfort, but also saves on your own heating. In addition, individual room controllers are even obligatory in a newly built house according to the Energy Saving Ordinance of 2014.

How homeowners install individual room controls

Room thermostats can be attached to the wall in just a few minutes using adhesive tape or wall brackets. To install electronic radiator thermostats [url=]Dante Pettis Jersey[/url] , first unscrew the old mechanical valve. It is recommended to turn the radiator up to control stage five. Heating owners loosen the union nut with a pair of pliers to loosen the old thermostat head from the thread. Now the new thermostat can be simply screwed on without specialist knowledge. Adapters ensure a perfect fit and a firm hold. Batteries, button cells or solar cells provide the power required to drive the room or radiator thermostats. Electrical power from the socket is therefore not necessary.

How do controllers and thermostats communicate?

All devices are connected to each other via Plug and Play. A single-room system communicates via a radio link. The input menu of the central unit allows building owners and property owners to enter the desired temperature values. Sensors in the room thermostat measure the temperature in the living space. If this deviates from the preset set temperatures, the thermostat contacts the central unit by radio control. The latter receives the message and sends change commands to the heater to adjust the temperature to the desired heat level. The menu guidance varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is therefore advisable to consult the operating instructions.

Advantages for the wlan thermostats:

Comfortable heating control

The central unit is able to interact with the Internet via a WLAN connection. Manufacturer apps allow intuitive heating control via smartphone or tablet. Residents can control their heating comfortably from their own couch [url=]Mike McGlinchey Jersey[/url] , from the office or on the way home.

Self-learning effect through intelligent algorithms
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