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Majid al-Fitiani, secretary of Fat

RAMALLAH [url=]Cheap Kyrie Irving Jersey[/url] , Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- An official in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party accused rival Hamas movement on Tuesday for maneuvering after the latter called for new reconciliation meetings in Cairo.

Majid al-Fitiani, secretary of Fatah Revolutionary Council, told Xinhua that Hamas movement "is trying to evade implementation of its commitments."

He added that "reconciliation does not require new meetings because we have held innumerable meetings with Hamas in the past ten years without actual implementation for what is agreed upon."

Fitiani said that Hamas "insists on operating according to regional accounts, especially with regard to the file of Palestinian reconciliation, and pursue a policy of maneuvering by calling for new meetings."

He considered that Hamas' call for new meetings "aims at inspiring the Palestinian people with efforts to achieve reconciliation [url=]Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Hats[/url] , while on the ground the internal division is being consecrated."

Fitiani stressed that Fatah "is adhered to three requirements announced clearly five months ago that Hamas must dissolve its administrative committee in Gaza, enable the consensus government to act in Gaza, and then discuss the formation of a national unity government and the holding of the general elections."

Earlier on Tuesday, Hamas informed the head of the Egyptian intelligence, Khalid Fawzi that it is ready to hold dialogue sessions with Fatah in Cairo soon to conclude a Palestinian reconciliation deal and determine the mechanisms of implementation.

A Hamas statement said its delegation confirmed readiness to dissolve the administrative committee in the Gaza Strip immediately and enable the consensus government to exercise its functions in Gaza.

The movement added that "it is ready to hold the elections following a conference for the Palestinian factions in Cairo with the aim of forming a national unity government for the Palestinian people in the West Bank [url=]Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Hoodies[/url] , Gaza and Jerusalem."

Hamas formed a high committee for ruling the Gaza Strip, and announced that it will continue to function as long as the Palestinian division exists and that it will end its work when the consensus government process.

In response, Abbas has taken "punitive steps" against Gaza since last April, reducing the salaries of Palestinian Authority employees in the Gaza Strip and sending 7,000 of them to early retirement.

Fatah and Hamas have reached a number of bilateral and other understandings within a comprehensive framework for the Palestinian factions [url=]Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Shirts[/url] , but have failed to put an end to the ongoing internal division since mid-2007 and restore the desired unity between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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