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Sasibh Sasibh
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Order from third country

Hi there,
Your business strategy seems quite promising for online shoppers like me and a step ahead of the likes of Thamel and Muncha in that, we have zillions of products that we can choose and from and from an array of US websites.
I have gone through your site and have few questions to ask.
Here you go:
1. I am based in a 3rd country ( not US or Nepal) and that you have mentioned in you home page that payments are to be made in NPR. If I choose you as my shopping/delivery agent can I use Paypal or any credit cards to pay you?
2. Is it feasible that I place an order from my country of residence and ask you to deliver to my home address in Kathmandu? How will it work?
3.Are prices quoted by you door to door price(do you deliver at the specified address?)
4. Do you take responsibility of goods that are faulty or that may get damaged because of poor handling during shipment?
harilo harilo
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Re: Order from third country

Hi Sasibh

1. Once you get a quote, click on "Checkout" and then click on "How to pay" to see all payment options.  You can pay with any credit card, google checkout, paypal, or amazon payments.
2. Yes.  NRNs sending gifts to Nepal is a very common use case of Harilo.  Once an order arrives in KTM simply give your secure pickup code to a friend or family member and we'll release the goods to them.
3. The quote you receive is the final amount and includes all charges including shipping, customs, and VAT.  You will never be asked to pay anything more.  We offer home deliveries for platinum members and higher - more details are at http://harilo.com/pricing
4. All our shipments are insured against damage during shipping.