Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Operation is Called “Ember Rise”

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Operation is Called “Ember Rise”

[url=https://www.igxc.com/R6-Credits/][b]Rainbow Six Siege Credits[/b][/url] With Operation Phantom Sight coming to a close Ubisoft is preparing to announce the next season. However before the developer was able to share a teaser a leaker has spilled the beans regarding the name of the new operation. In a post on ResetEra reliable Rainbow Six Siege leaker Kormora claims that year 4 season three is named Operation Ember Rise.

This is according to notorious Siege leaker Komora on a post to ResetEra who replied to a thread about the game with the suggestion that Year 4 Season 3 will be called Operation Ember Rise. The leaker also added a note about Season 4 too that the only thing they knew about it was that “Jäger will have competition”. As Jäger is Siege’s main anti-grenade Operator the game could be adding someone with similar abilities.

Earlier this month alleged concept art of the year 4 season 3 operators[url=https://www.igxc.com/R6-Credits/][b]buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits[/b][/url] was leaked and shared on the Rainbow Six subreddit. The images while not showcasing any detailed gameplay painted the backgrounds of the two operators.

Another Siege player on Reddit has theorized that the naming of the seasons recently have related to the new operators being added – Phantom Sight for example referred to Nokk (Phantom) and Warden (Sight). They suggest that Ember Rise lines up perfectly with the current theory regarding the upcoming gadgets for the new Operators – ‘Ember’ representing the rumoured Fire Shield and ‘Rise’ being the Grappling Hook.

While these leaks have me extremely excited for Operation Ember Rise we’ll have to wait until August 18th for the full DLC reveal panel during the upcoming Raleigh Major.

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