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Facebook is being flocked to by IM pros who want to create their own fan pages that they can then use to gain targeted prospects who can be leveraged for profit later. There are companies sized big and small who are getting Facebook to work for them and you can do this as well. This article is going to explore three very effective methods that you can use when you are writing updates for your Facebook page so that you can better communicate with your fans.

Your Facebook update posts need to be less than 140 characters. That rule is definitely for Twitter but it works well for updating Facebook as well. This is good to do because most of your fans will be quickly scanning through their Facebook posts. Your updates need to quickly grab their attention. And [url=]Cheap Lawrence Guy Jersey[/url] , if the post you write is too long, you will have a really hard time getting people to actually read the whole thing. So if you really want people to respond back and actually take action on your update, be it commenting or clicking through a link or anything, you need to keep it short and simple. Putting together a message for an entire group of people is a faux pas. It isn’t necessary to address your post to multiple people, but rather a single person. It is true you are conveying a message to a complete fan base however you should really address one on one, instead of all at once. This is on account that you won’t have a complete group examining it together, but rather individuals spread out who are reading it (most likely) by themselves. Because it makes them feel like you’re approaching them individually, your aficionados feel more important therefore bringing about more positive reactions from your base of admirers. And people really appreciate one to one posts.

Perhaps the best thing to do with social networking is to ask questions. When you’re making a post, it should yield some kind of result for you. Asking your followers questions makes their fan-dom interactive. It helps them feel special and shows them that you care about their input. Aside from that, everyone likes to talk and share their views. So why not use this for your own advantage? Your question doesn’t have to be all that involved but you do need to make sure that you make the question open ended. A question shouldn’t be just yes or no; it should have some more depth. All in all, from the above article we come to understand the importance of crafting out a post the right way on Facebook. It is suggested there will come a point when your enthusiasts drop off because you’ll often take notice that there are many instances in which fan pages make a slip-up of not using their updates effectively. To sum up, you can essentially drive traffic toward your site if you have the desire to acquire the actual advantages of running a fan page and putting the recommendations to use that we have examined in this article.

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