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3 Tips to Make Your Life Easier with Home Lighting Automation
Posted by Doitalltech on June 15th Jarran Reed Jersey , 2017

Lighting is often viewed by homeowners as a common utility, but can actually be used to enhance home security and energy efficiency. With the help of home lighting automation, you can light up and protect your property—all from the convenience of a mobile device. Here are three tips to make your life easier with home lighting automation:

1. Improve the security of your home

A home with lighting activity looks like it has people in it Germain Ifedi Jersey , and this helps in discouraging potential intruders from breaking in. Home lighting automation will allow you to set up automated schedules to switch on certain lights at definite times for a specific duration. For instance, outdoor lights can be turned on at night and switched off during the day, while indoor lights can be switched on and off in various rooms as if there are people moving around the house—even if you’re away.

2. Reduce energy consumption costs

With the use of home lighting automation Tyler Lockett Jersey , you will be able to regulate costs and reduce energy consumption. You can remotely see which lights are switched on and immediately reduce wasted energy by switching unnecessary lights off from any room or area in your house. If you forgot to switch of a light in the living room but are already comfortably relaxing on your bed, you can simply turn the light off using your smartphone. Home lighting automation can save you up to 15% of your monthly lighting utility cost. Automated controls can also increase the life of your light bulbs by reducing inefficient usage.

3. More convenience

The convenience of having automated lighting will greatly help you with your daily routine. Home lighting automation will allow you to remain mingling with your guests, go on reading a magazine in your bedroom or simply have peace of mind especially when you are out of town.

If you are looking for automated home lighting installation in Texas Shaquill Griffin Jersey , consider a solutions provider that includes intelligent lighting apps that enable you to specify energy saving setting for different areas in your home. You should also be allowed to create custom lighting settings that suit your needs.

About the Company:
Doitalltech is New Zealand’s pioneer custom automation systems installation company. They specialize themselves in providing a complete range of home and commercial automation solutions. Doitalltech covers all aspects of automation services including wireless lighting automation, surveillance system design and implementation, CCTV remote monitoring and recording Ethan Pocic Jersey , Fireplace and Thermostat Control, Motion-Activated Lighting Control etc.

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